Made in Korea


Made In Korea 영어자막


A Map of Ancient Korea

In 1448, an ancient form of multiple rocket launcher called Shinkinjeon or Divine Weapon was made.

In 1592, the world's first iron-clad battleship called the Turtle Ship was built.

And our interest in space goes all the way back to 647 A.D. Cheomsungdae, the star observation tower.

We applied the scene innovating spirit in manufacturing our products.

Made in Korea.

[Detect First/Decide First/And Strike First]


Korean has tremendous strength in manufacturing ground weapons.


Here is a picture of K-2, an ex-generation tank, which can wade across rivers as deep as 4.1m

and automatic loading system. The K-2 proactively defends itself against anti-tank missile rockets

and it is equipped with network-based battlefield information management system, 

making it possible to carry on operations in all weather conditions. 

And it's considered to be the world's top-class tank.

Well-suited for ground battles in the future.

In 2008, South Korea signed an export contract with Turkey, the manufacture hundreds of K2s in Turkey, while tranferring technology. 

[K-9 Self Propelled Howizer Thunder]

Here, is the K-9 Self Propelled Howitzer Thunder. Time on target.

Automatic projectile tranferring equipment enables the K-9 to fire the initial round within 30 seconds after the fire command is given.

With the addition of the K-10 armored ammunition carrier. Exclusively designed for it, the K-9 outcomes with sustained firing capability.

Shoot and Scoot.

As the word gets out on the K-9's performance capability, top in its class, it is drawing a lot of attention from many middle eastern countries, 

since its export to turkey in 2000.

[K-21 Infantry Fighting Armored Vehicle]

The K-21 Infantry Fighting Armored Vehicle does not only carry troops.

It is a combat-oriented armored vehicle armed with a 40mm automatic gun and anti-tank guided missiles.

The K-21's ability to efficiently attack not only enemy armored personal carriers, 

but also enemy tanks and helicopters will make it one of the strongest mobility forces along with the K-2 tank when it comes to ground battles.

[K-11 Hybrid Rifle]

No place to hide.

A single trigger is used to choose between 5.56mm rifle ammunition and 20mm arial explosive grenades. 

Fitted with the world's first arial explosion functionaility, the K-11 rifle can program 20mm grenade to explode right above the enemy target. 

Effectively neutralize any covered hidden enemies with shrapnel.


Ammunition, the basic of fire power.

South Korea manufactures various types of ammunition, ranging from small, medium, and large caliber bullets to artillery projectiles and rockets.

155mm Howitzer Projectile is used in the K-9 and 120mm anti-tank projectiles, High explosive based bleed K-9 ammo, Dual purposed ammunition DP-ICM ammo.

Bombers are dispensed above the target, neutralizing low troops and equipment. 

And 120mm Anti-tank projectiles classified as an armor-fiercing thin stabilized discarding sabor tracer.

[Dreaming of Air Superiority]


The KT-1, a training aircraft for fighter pilots. Currently the Republic of Korea Air Force has over a hundred KT-1s in operation. 

And following the export of 12 KT-1s to Indonesia in 2001. 

Korea singed the contract with Turkey for the export of 55 KT-1s in 2007.

[KO-1 Tactical Controller]

The KO-1 Tactical Controller is fitted with proved aviation equipment and arming capability.


A picture of a T-50. A supersonic state of the art our advanced jet trainer. 

It is a line attack aircraft developed for pilots of advanced fighter jets, such as the F-16, Rafale, F-35 and F-22. 

It can successfully carry out missions as a line attack aircraft and can be upgraded to a 4th generation fighter jet, addition of a radar and arming system.

[Achieve the Sea Control]

[Aegis Class Destroyer]

Here is a picture of an Aegis Class Destroyer, which is an intergraded combat system capable of neutralizing cutting edge anti-aircraft weapons and electronic warfare armament.

/The advanced Aegis radar, armed 120mm missiles and capable of both 360 degree multi-directional defense and offense. 


The stealth technology intergraded next generation high speed boat, the PKG 


The amphibious hovercraft, the LSF-II.


Asia's largest transport vessel, Dokdo.

[Type 214 Submarine]

The submarine, the dark horse of the sea.

Installation of an air independent propulsion system provides it within proved underwater operations capability, 

and the state of the art combat system, it enables to handle up to 300m targets automatically.

[White Shark]

Also, the White Shark.

[Blue Shark]

The anti-submarine torpedo, Blue Shark, capable of penetrating 1.5m of steel. 

[Sea Star]

It took about 7 years and 100 million U.S dollars to develop the ship-to-ship missile sea star.

Launched from destroyers frigates, and corvettes to attack the enemy vessels. 

In the future, it will evolve into air to ship, submarine to ship, or vertical launching systems to diversification of launching system.

[To Win Future Operations]

These are state of the art digital tele-communication systems intergrading the world's fast information technologies.

Presently, Korea's various types of communication and an electronic equipment, 

being interlocked with C4I maximize their future battlefield performance and for the development of an intergraded power system.


With that strength, with that power and with that technology, we are making a new defense history in the 21st century.

Made in Korea.